Unicon Citizens!

Unicon "Citizens" are more than just "users", they have taken responsibility for the Unicon language by improving, maintaining, or porting the code and contributing their results in a way that will be useful to others. Not all of them remain active with Unicon, but their contributions are saluted on this page.

Citizens are entitled to listing on this page, with a short paragraph of biographical information of their choosing. This page helps form our community identity. Names are in alphabetical order. If you aren't on the list and you are a citizen, it is a probably an oversight. :-) If you are not listed and want to be added, or are listed and want to be removed, or want to supply a biography, send e-mail to jeffery

Federico Balbi
Developer of the ODBC/SQL interface.
Nolan Clayton
Contributor to the Unicon IDE.
Charles Evans
Contributor to the Bug Tracker, and fixer of many bugs
Sudarshan Gaikaiwari
Developer of snobol-style pattern datatype, along with operator overloading.
Jafar al Gharaibeh
Dr. al Gharaibeh developed the concurrent programming feature and has been an extensive contributor to the 3D facilities.
Clint Jeffery
Father of Unicon, his mission is to make Icon's core expression semantics useful in as many applications and to as many programmers as possible.
Susie Jeffery
Contributor to the GUI class library, including (especially) the editabletextlist widget.
Steve Lumos
Developer of the messaging facilities. Co-administrator of the Unicon sourceforge site and mailing list.
Kazimir Majorinc
Founder of The Generator.
Naomi Martinez
Developer of Unicon's 3D graphics facilities.
Shamim Mohamed
Developer of the POSIX interface, coauthor of the Unicon book; he coined the name "Unicon".
Shea Newton
Author of Unicon 12's benchmarks.
Robert Parlett
Author of Unicon's package mechanism. Developer of many class libraries and the IVIB interface tool. Coauthor of the Unicon book chapter on graphic interfaces.
Ray Pereda
Ported Berkeley YACC to Icon; his iyacc is used in the Unicon translator. Coauthor of the Unicon book chapters on compilers and genetic algorithms.
Katie Ray
Author of the Ulex lexical analyzer generator.
Hani bani Salameh
Contributor to the Unicon IDE.
Barry Schwartz
Primary contributor to AMD64 port, including its co-expression switch.
Ziad al Sharif
The first Unicon Ph.D. and author of the UDB source level debugger.
Phillip Thomas
Project Entomologist
Ken Walker
Honorary Unicon citizen who developed iconc, the Icon optimizing compiler which forms the basis for "unicon -C" on some Unicon platforms.
Steve Wampler
Technical reviewer and major contributor to multiple epochs of Icon and Unicon.
Don Ward
Co-editor of the Icon and Unicon Implementation Compendium.
Mike Wilder
Wrote uniconc, a port of iconc to support almost all of Unicon on Linux. Implemented vector hashing code which improves type inferencing scalability.