Unicon, Icon, and SNOBOL
Developer Directory

The purpose of the Unicon, Icon, and SNOBOL Developer Directory is to inform companies and institutions of a pool of individuals with expertise in our language family. Developers listed may or may not be available in a consulting, contracting, or employment capacity. For example, as of 1/23/2017, the Unicon group mailing list had 98 members; its Facebook page has 158 likes, many of whom are not mailing list members. Similarly, the Icon language mailing list has 92 members, and the SNOBOL Yahoo group has 170 members.

In some sense, this is a census. Contact information in the Developer Directory is private and will be given out only with your consent. If you select the default permission below (N), the list manager will literally e-mail you with requests for contact, rather than give out your address. If you select y(es) on permission to share, then the list manager would share your e-mail if they knew the inquirer to be legitimate. Organizations wishing to contact someone in the directory, or post a job with general availability, should send e-mail to the list maintainer (currently: jeffery).

Anyone who has written a program in SNOBOL, Icon, or Unicon is entitled to listing on this page, with a short paragraph of biographical information of their choosing. Names are in alphabetical order.

Name Unicon Icon SNOBOL Avail%Affiliation Expertise
Jafar Al-Gharaibehexpertexpertnone10 Architecture Technology Corp. Ph.D.; 3d graphics, concurrency/threads, networking, runtime systems
Shawn Fratisintermediateintermediatenone10 Arcadia Custom 3D modeling/animation, CAD, CAM
Benjamin Jefferyintermediatenovicenone60 M.S.; Unicon GUIs, IDE
Clinton Jefferyexpertexpertnovice20 U. Idaho Ph.D.; virtual machines, runtime systems, compilers, user interfaces, graphics
Andreas Schulzintermediateexpertnone30 freelancer embedded systems (Raspberry Pi), GUI (mathematics, medical devices, pharma life sciences), resource conserving algorithms, graphics, process simulations, process controls, speech control, statistical simulations and calculations, code tuning, developing of IDE, activity based costing, production quality assurance

To add or remove yourself from the list, send e-mail to jeffery; when adding, please provide the following information

Other Contact:  (optional, e.g. phone)
Affilation: (optional, e.g. a current employer)
Unicon Level: (none, novice, intermediate, or expert)
Icon Level:                  "
SNOBOL Level:                "
% Availability: (0-100, e.g. for consulting)
Permission to Share: (y/N, e.g. with other developers or vetted organizations)
Technical Expertise: (please limit to one paragraph <= 8 lines,
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